Alexa Raspberry Pi

Start date: April 11, 2017

Completion date: May 5, 2017

Source code:

As a proof of concept, this project showed that Alexa is able to turn a stepper motor with the help of a Raspberry Pi in the middle.

The demonstration works by having Amazon Alexa call a cloud function when told to turn a stepper motor.  Then, this request gets written to Adafruit IO, which then notifies the Raspberry Pi that changes were made.  Once the Raspberry Pi knows this, it calls a function that blinks an LED, then turns a stepper motor.

This is not a finished product to be put on display, but instead a proof of concept.  First of all, it shows the applications of Raspberry Pis in mechatronics, especially for systems that interact via WiFi without the use of an external WiFi module.  Second, it shows that Alexa can be used to trigger events, such as opening the door to the mechatronics lab (which is controlled with motors).  Third, it opens the door to more computer science related topics alongside mechatronics.